BreBeMi Motorway

Brebemi S.p.A
Brescia-Bergamo-Milano, Italy
Design of the road network and the interconnections, structural design of the viaducts and the tunnels, architectural and structural preliminary and detailed design of the toll booths

This project dealt the design of the new motorway link between the cities of Brescia and Milan. The road project, 62.1km long, includes embankments, deep cuts, viaducts and artificial underground tunnels.
The Bre.Be.Mi. Motorway integrates the regional infrastructures system of the Lombardy Region. Remarkably, it is connected to many of the most important roads in the area. Bre.Be.Mi. is a three lane Motorway except from the section from Liscate and Comazzo interchange to SP 14 RIvoltana road which have two lanes. 
The project was designed with the idea that an infrastructure project represents the occasion for a general valorization of the territory. It has been paid particular attention to the toll booths, which like waving ribbons between the sky and earth, become a recognizable signs of the territory. The new infrastructure should attract part of the long distance traffic currently travelling along the existing A4 motorway and thus is expected to relieve congestion along the corridor Milano-Bergamo-Brescia. It is expected to result in substantial travel time savings as well as a reduction in vehicle operating costs. The Project is expected to have air quality and greenhouse gas benefits.  

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