Waste-to-Energy Plant for Solid Urban Waste

R.T.I. – Ansaldo Industria S.p.A., Martin GmbH, ABB SAE Sadelmi S.p.A. for A.S.M. Brescia S.p.A.
Brescia, Italy
Architectural, structural design, construction management, project coordination, site construction supervision

This project has been awarded in 2006 by the WTERT with the "best waste-to-energy plant in the world" for efficiency as well esthetic and architectural qualities. The project, with a volume of 500.000cum, covers an area of 160.000sqm alongside the Milano-Venezia A4 motorway. The combustion plant for solid urban waste -special, non-dangerous and biomass - has a nominal combustion potential of 90t/h by 3 combustion lines.

The aim of the project was to enhance the placement of the plant on the site by means of a careful volume and chromatic study. The iridescent chromatic treatment of the exterior is the essential characteristic of the whole plant. This poetic relationship with the sky is crowned by the chimney- tower, which reaches towards the sky blending chromatically with the clouds.


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