Newspaper Printing Plant

Eco di Bergamo, Giornale di Brescia
Erbusco, Brescia, Italy
Architectural, structural design, construction management, project coordination, site construction supervision

The newspaper printing plant is a highly technological building, of more than 26.000sqm. The aims of the project were both functional and architectural.
On one hand, was tried  to optimize the production cycle and lay-out,  by separating the functions: paper storage, rotary printing press, shipping and offices; on the other was offer a high quality architecture in order to acquire an added value to the image of the plant  in the respects of the environment compatibility and sustainability.
The plant is organized into three blocks: two symmetrical lateral blocks, of 10 meters high, for the paper storaging, the technical rooms, the shipping and offices area.  
The central block of  25 meters hold the rotary printing press.  Bricks, pre-treated copper and oxidized copper were used to reinterpret, in a modern vision the typical material in which the main buildings of this area are made of, Franciacorta, the Region where this industrial structure in located.

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