Lamarmora Residential Building

Lamarmora Residencia S.r.l.
Brescia, Italy
Structural preliminary design, final structures design and structures project coordination

Preliminary design, final structure and project coordination of the structural construction of a residential building in the area called ex-Berardi, a site in Brescia 2, landlocked between Via Lamarmora and Via Aldo Moro. The planning process identifies an architecture that interprets the urban condition in which it appears, taking as generative condition, the new relationship with the southern part of the park Tarello here that the south end towards the street Lamarmora to continue north to street Sostegno. In a context of macro-isolated objects, many with clear vertical characterization, there are the recent intervention by the Forum and UBI Banca, which together try to build a partial urban identity. To strengthen this condition, it is proposed that a fundamental principle the idea of continuity space, where the measure proposed architecture, space and structure compliant reference. The building does not look like as a suspended object within a batch but it is an element that builds the site and integrates coherently the open spaces. 

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