Al Bayt Stadium

Webuild S.p.A.-Galfar-Cimolai JV
Al Khor, Qatar
Structural Design Work during construction process, Architectural and Structural Construction Drawings, BIM Model, Structural Design Sector E
OneWorks, GMP, SBP

Al Bayt Stadium is located in Al Khor, a seaside city in the north of Qatar.
In 2022, the stadium will have the capacity to host 60.000 spectators, and will fulfill all FIFA requirements for hosting FIFA World Cup™ matches through to the semi-final round.
The stadium is named Bayt Al Sha’ar, the traditionally tent traditionally used by the nomadic peoples in Qatar and in the neighboring countries. The distinctive exterior, the black with prominent white stripes, served a number of purposes. The width and number of white stripes identified the tribe of the owner. The tent was easily spotted from afar. For those travelling through the sometimes harsh landscapes of the desert, the site of a black-and-white striped tent on the horizon meant an invitation to enjoy the hospitality of the tent’s owner, whether known or not to the traveler. Al Bayt Stadium will carry on this tradition, beckoning football lovers near and far, bringing them together to put aside their differences in a global celebration of the beautiful game.
Bayt Al Sha’ar interiors contrasted sharply with their monochromatic exteriors by the use of a red pattern.
Main Dimensions:
Main Axes: 370x310 m
Roof area: 120,000 m²
Retractable Roof: 120x220 m
Spectators: 60.000


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