About us

CREW Cremonesi Workshop srl, founded in 1987 by Lamberto Cremonesi, is a leading Italian multidisciplinary design studio of the Urban Hub FS Group. CREW provides integrated and full range services, that include: urban architecture and building, architecture for mobility, structure and civil, BIM and digital, MEP design and sustainability.
Our work extends from metro stations to energy plant, form large commercial structures to motorway and roads. We work across all sectors, enabling technologically-advanced design that is appropriate, economic and sensitive to environmental and human needs. We consider innovation, creativity, and design excellence as main aspirations for our practice. We believe that the best solutions result from a close collaboration with our clients and our multi-disciplinary approach to design.


Elevating Tomorrow, everyday, project by project 


We are specialized in the design and implementation of building complexes, public spaces, transportation infrastructures, and significant urban areas.  Our mission is to engage daily in designing effective solutions to complex problems, never taking anything for granted, but rather employing intelligent and creative approaches through a multi-authorial and collaborative mindset. Every challenge we tackle is the result of the passion, commitment, and daily research of each member of our team. Guided by the vision of creating a quality experience for people in the projects we conceive, we improve the future, day by day, project by project, with the belief that every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference. 



CREW began as an engineering practice in 1987, initially named Tecne. The firm at the beginning was known for its civil, industrial, energy production and waste-to-energy projects, such as the waste-to-energy plant in Brescia and the newspaper printing center of Erbusco. 

In 2001 CREW received its first commision for designing the Metro of Brescia, after winning an international design competition.Thanks to this complex project the studio has acquired great experience in the metro design. This was followed, a decade later, by other important projects in the field of infrastructure design for the Metro 3 of  Ryiadh. CREW became an international practice of architecture and structural engineering, thanks to its professionalism and rigorous conscientious work methods that distinguish our activity.

In 2018, Italferr acquired the majority stake, propelling CREW into high-quality international infrastructure projects. As of 2024, CREW is an integral part of the Polo Urbano of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, solidifying its position as a leading multidisciplinary design firm committed to ambitious and valuable projects worldwide.



Responsibility, transparency, and integrity are the guiding principles in shaping our governance processes. The effectiveness of these processes is ensured by a management system that promotes decision-making and sharing, alongside the enhancement of skills and professionalism within the company. The governance process adheres to directives and communications issued by Gruppo FS Italiane. 

CREW maintains the Quality Management System ISO 9001 Certification through an independent third- part certification since 2002. Download Certificate. 

In 2023 CREW received the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Certification through an independent third part certification process. Download Certificate.