Riga Central Station and Railway bridge

Besix, RERE Grupa, Rizzani De Eccher
Riga, Latvia
2019 - ongoing
Architectural schematic and detailed design of station, viaducts, and landscape, AOR, Building permit, BIM Model, lead designer and general coordination
PLH Arkitekter (concept design)

The new railway station in Riga is part of Rail Baltica project, the EU project that integrates the Baltic States in the European rail network.

The project on one hand introduces an intermodal transportation hub in the heart of the city, connecting the different types of rails and the local traffic with a new, international line connecting five countries and the Riga airport, while on the other hand the new construction and the new line allows to re-structure the city: the design lot comprises a bridge, viaducts, overpasses and landscape as well. In total, the design will touch most of the extension of Riga southern center. In one intervention there’s the chance to unify the recently divided area, allowing a general re-thinking of the traffic and urban space development plan.

The Central Station building stands apart as a new city landmark. It has an area of 12,600 m² and consists in a long-span steel structure with a glazed roof, that allows light to flow throughout the building, creating a concourse which is spacious and airy. The station building is inspired by the shape of most historical stations worldwide: the Arch. In line with historical stations, the use of natural light is emphasized, with large façades on the four sides of the building, visually connecting the inside and the outside: the UNESCO-awarded city center in north direction, the area of the market, the new developments toward west. This is integrated in a modern, clean and bright interior: this permits easy orientation and legible, visible circulation pathways

The station integrates and gives a new life to the existing Riga station, with the use of the existing main hall to access the new structure, emphasizing the strong roots of the city in its history.

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