Combined Cycle Power Plant

Alstom S.p.A., A.S.M. S.p.A
Gissi, Chieti, Italy
Architectural preliminary and detailed design

The combined cycle power plant in Gissi of 400 MW has a covered area of 200.000sqm. The project studies the architectural aspects of civil and industrial buildings, as well as the general layout of the plant.
The basic principles that guided the design are the order and the clean lines in response to the complexity inherent the plant. The result is expressed by the creation of a hierarchy between the system elements through their different colors and material treatment.
The Plant was also designed to keep its physical impact on the environment to a minimum. In particular, this was achieved by choosing the most appropriate colour for the structure. The use of iridescent colors mitigates the visual impact of the main part of the facility softening its impact on the surroundings making it less imposing, while the choice of colour for the tower on the one hand acts as camouflage, and on the other, makes its singular characteristics more distinctive.


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